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Do you think the sliding door in your home needs repair right now? The Kuala Lumpur based specializes in providing services for the sliding doors you have at home or your office.

There are many different types of doors in terms of design, materials used, and the installation requirements. Our company specializes in servicing these types of jobs which is why we are confident in delivering quality service each time.

Sliding doors may have problems because they’ve experienced a lot of wear and tear throughout the year. No need to look for a door repair specialist in near you because we can deliver our service anywhere in the city.

What We Do

Sliding door services is the main thing our company delivers. You don’t need to worry about the coverage of our service because we can your sliding door of any brand or manufacturer. We get rid of your existing sliding door problems for you.

A common problem with sliding doors is the material breaks or gets damaged easily. Damage can also cause the limited function of the sliding door as well. We have got the much-needed parts to do a repair job on any sliding door.

Door Roller Repair/Replacement

For roller problems, we have got experts who can fix it if it doesn’t run on the track very well. It might need some lubrication to help it smoothly travel on a track. There may be repairs that are needed to get the roller functioning like new. You can also request a full replacement we just need to match the roller with the sliding door that you own.. 

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Door Track Repair/Replacement

Door tracks can easily fail you because they get damaged over time with regular use of your sliding door. We can do repairs on your sliding door’s track/rail if you need them. No need to worry about the materials, whether it’s an aluminum or steel rail, we have got your covered.

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Glass Door Panel Replacement

Glass doors can be problematic for their owners. Although, it provides a unique aesthetic and function to homes it is also a vulnerable part of the house because the glass can break. If your glass door’s panel broke, we at can replace the glass panel on your sliding door right away. We only send professional glass door repair men to make sure the replacement is done right.

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Door Lock Repair

Door locks in sliding doors can also get fixed because we cover it at The door locks on a sliding door can be tricky to fix because of how it’s attached to the sliding door. We have specialists who have worked with these kinds of problems. Our company can provide the solution you need right when you need it.

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