How to Make Your Glass Door Last Longer

We’ve encountered several people who tend to be anxious about their newly installed sliding glass doors. True enough, sliding doors may seem more fragile than your usual hardwood French doors, however this type of door has become famous among home and office owners for a lot of reasons, and fragility is definitely not one of them.

On the contrary, sliding doors can provide a property with better security and energy efficiency, without occupying too much space. The installation process is also rather more intricate than traditional doors, so sliding doors prove to be a reliable feature of any house or office. This likewise means that sliding doors requires less maintenance than perceived. Perhaps, the only disadvantage is that every part of a sliding door matters and one problem with even the tiniest part can already significantly affect the overall functions of the sliding door. If you want smooth glides of your door for the longest possible time, there are easy maintenance tips that you can do.

Dust Off

For some reasons, that we too have not figured out yet, dust always finds a way to invade our spaces, no matter how meticulous we already are. Since dust is already a reality that we need to live with, the next best thing that can be done is to simply ensure that dust does not accumulate in the sliding door. Dust and other dirt particles around the space can accumulate in the sliding door’s roller, which can consequently make it less smooth to use the door. If this is left unaddressed, it can also result in more complex damages to the door that require an expert’s help.

Mind the track

Your sliding door track is also one of the most important parts to look out for, and dirt’s favorite rendezvous place. A damaged or non-functional track could also mean bigger repair costs. To prevent this, make sure to regularly clean your sliding door track with soap and a soft brush. You will easily see the difference in the glide of your door after having the track cleaned. It is also best to allow the cleaned area to dry thoroughly before using the sliding door, again. This is why we also highly recommend to our commercial clients to strategically schedule track cleaning to ensure that it does not interfere with the business operations.

Using the right lubricant

After installation, your door specialist will most likely provide you with an aerosol lubricant for your rollers. Make sure to use this regularly, even when the sliding door still seems to be working just fine. This lubricant helps keep your rollers in good condition and in turn allows your sliding door to move smoothly all the time. Always consult with a door specialist company if you are thinking of changing your lubricant for the sliding door.

Finally, it will definitely go a long way to consciously handle your sliding door with care. Although today’s glass panels are already sturdy enough, constant impact makes nonetheless affect your frame and track and cause misalignment. This type of issue will already require a sliding door expert to be solved

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