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Glass doors can be problematic for their owners. Although it provides a unique aesthetic and function to homes it is also a vulnerable part of the house because the glass can break. If your glass door’s panel broke, we at My1DoorRepair.com can replace the glass panel on your sliding door right away. We only send professional glass door repairmen to make sure the replacement is done right.

Glass door panel repair and replacement is a complex task that should not be independently done at home, it may result to further damages to your sliding door. This problem usually happens due to a variety of problems in the sliding door parts, including the frames and beams. More importantly, any issue on the glass door can pose danger to the people within the vicinity, which means it’s crucial to call a https://my1doorrepair.com/about-us/glass door specialist right away to get it fixed.

Our Service Process

For cases like this, we have a special service process in place to ensure that your requests are attended to right away.

Inquiry and Quotation: Our website is specifically designed to cater to various inquiries and quotation requests for all sliding door related services. If you notice a problem with your glass panels, simply send us a description and photo of the state of the sliding door for us to accurately assess and quote for the service rate.

We will get back to you with our affordable rates for your consideration or confirmation.

Appointment Setting: After confirming with the provided quotation, we are then ready to move to schedule the service date for you

Service Day; Our sliding door specialist will be right at your doorstep on the agreed service date. They will first conduct an on-site assessment of the door problem, before proceeding with the service. For glass door repairs and replacement, it may take more than a day to be completed since our door specialist would have to procure new glass panels or new sliding door replacement, depending on how severe the condition of the door is.

Remember that it is important to always seek professional help for your sliding door during the first few signs of damage. This is to prevent even more damages to your glass door, which may already require more expensive options including full replacement of the sliding door.

Go to our website to get a free quotation for the service you need. We will help you right away. You can also call us now to get the best sliding door repair service in the country!

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Testimonials About Us

I was worried that our sliding door would not keep us safe because the glass had a broken section due to a stone hitting it. The repair team of My1DoorRepair.com brought with them a new glass panel and did a full replacement fixing the problem and making our sliding door look brand new

Colin Ng, -

I’ve got personal history with bad sliding door repairs. I’m very happy that My1DoorRepair.com delivers quality service. I’m safe with our sliding doors because I know I have a reliable company I can call any time.

Stephen Koh, -

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