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It can certainly be frustrating to find your sliding door not working properly, knowing that it is a crucial part of the house or shop. Every hour and day that is it being used, the damage seems to be getting worse. We know the struggle, and we fortunately also have just the right solution. It’s best not to wait for weeks before having this problem fixed, as this may only lead to more damages in your sliding doors. We are the leading provider of roller repairs and replacement in Malaysia that you can easily turn to.

Our Sliding Door Roller Repair and Replacement Services are handled by our professional team of door specialists.  Instead of opting to completely replace your door, our specialists are experienced and skilled in checking the rollers that may be causing the problem, and replace it when necessary. It might need some lubrication to help it smoothly travel on a track. There may be repairs that are needed to get the roller functioning like new. You can also request a full replacement we just need to match the roller with the sliding door that you own.

You can be assured of a large selection of high-quality rollers that will make your sliding door work normally. We also work on all types and brands of sliding doors, so you can rely on our team to do quick fixes on your rollers.

Our Door Service Record

The services we have is mobile with our technicians going door-to-door for our clients. We have a professional door repair team on standby to do the repairs, replacement, and other things your sliding door needs. We have been in the industry for more than five years, and throughout these years, we have maintained premium quality of services by providing fast and friendly customer support, as well as high-quality workmanship.

We boast having one of the most affordable rates for door service in Malaysia. In fact, you can ask us for a quotation ahead to know how much your requested repair would cost. We believe that our experience can be best proven through the final output of our rollers repair or replacement.

Remember that it is important to always seek professional help for your sliding door during the first few signs of damage. This is to prevent even more damages to your glass door, which may already require more expensive options including full replacement of the sliding door.

Apart from fixing sliding door rollers, we also have service packages that already include panel alignments, track cleaning, and frame adjustments.

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I was worried that our sliding door would not keep us safe because the glass had a broken section due to a stone hitting it. The repair team of My1DoorRepair.com brought with them a new glass panel and did a full replacement fixing the problem and making our sliding door look brand new

Colin Ng, -

I’ve got personal history with bad sliding door repairs. I’m very happy that My1DoorRepair.com delivers quality service. I’m safe with our sliding doors because I know I have a reliable company I can call any time.

Stephen Koh, -

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